Two storey or first floor extensions

A two storey extension adds additional space throughout a house, usually adding considerable value as well.  The extension may be to the front, side or rear, perhaps taking the form of a gable addition or visually widening the dwelling.



Many houses have an attached garage, with the possibility of a room being constructed above, or an extension to the side that incorporates a garage, plus a room above.  It is possible to construct a single storey extension with the aim of a further first floor extension above at later date.




For further space, a two storey extension can have an additional single storey ground floor extension to provide more space at the rear, or perhaps a porch to the front.






Bungalow before first floor extensions

A bungalow can be converted into a full two storey dwelling, or a one and a half storey, with the first floor being partially in the roof space.

After first floor extensions – incorporating full two storey and one and a half storey elements within the same dwelling

Design consideration must also be given to the internal alterations that will be required to access the new spaces, as this is vitally important to maximise the usage and added value.